would you belive me if i say that i need you

ph: lookbook.nu

it's too bad, but that's me, what goes around comes around you'll see

if you don't love me why don't you let me go?

ph: ilovewildfox.com

allting är förändrat men jag känner likadant

ph: lookbook.nu

You know though nothin' come easy, you gotta try real, real hard. I tried hard, but I guess I gotta try harder

ph; ilovewildfox.com

I made a promise that I wanna keep, to spend my days with you




när du är tunn som luft, så är du nästan perfekt

lev ditt eget liv, för du ska dö din egen död

kate moss

once upon a time i didn't give a damn, but now here we are so whataya want from me?



just because i'm losing doesn't mean i'm lost

tick of time

You should already know, to him you're just another hoe

don't try to change me


taylor momsen

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